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Easy to use

Programmers are no longer needed to develop applications; required skills are in most cases related to the SQL language and the domain knowledge.


Time-to-market is significantly reduced, since no coding task is required; all you need is to graphically configure your application, which is far quicker than the traditional programming.

Multi-database and portable

4WS.Platform is based on Java, so it can be executed in any operating system where Java 7 is available. Moreover, it has been tested with the most popular databases, including Oracle, MS SqlServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Restful web services

All the business logic can be easily accessed not only by the web tier but from any other system: this really makes your applications part of an open platform centered on a service oriented framework.


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Tempur Italia

A wide sales network requires an effective management of information coming from all Points of Sales, through the normalization and digitalization of the Sales Cerimony.
What we have realized is a web application not only able to manage quotations and orders, but also to plan follow-ups and monitor the orders workflow, integrated with the company Information System. READ MORE

Tempur Italia - Alessio Porcellati
Boggi Milano
Boggi Milano

What we were searching for was a platform able to simplify the development process and a set of built-in tools ready-to-use.
In a few days of training, we were able to start developing a complete web application, used to manage recruitment and employees carriers. READ MORE

Boggi Milano - Marco Benasedo
Boggi Milano
Boggi Milano

The real strength of this Platform is the very short learning curve and that the tool is easy-to-use.
We created an effective web application in a short time, with an intuitive user interface and in total autonomy. READ MORE

Boggi Milano - Michele Tettamanti
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Released version 5.3.0 of 4WS.Platform

febbraio 5th by Lorenzo Luccon

4WS.Platform changelog Version 5.3.0   Description Change type Edition Fixed broadcast message visualization NEWIMPL Community Fixed viewing of button abilitation in roles NEWIMPL Community Fixed problem with permissions on form controls and roles management with defaults in columns/controls BUGFIX Community Fixed problem when decoding variables in SQL having similar names BUGFIX Community Added payment via […]

Boggi Milano and the creation of an application to fit the company needs

ottobre 31st by Mauro Carniel

A well structured organization includes the management of a large amount of data and activities. There is often the need to create ad hoc solutions, because there is nothing in the market which covers exactly what needed. The best solution would be to carry out these implementations internally, without relying on an external software house. […]

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