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Released version 5.0.0 of 4WS.Platform

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4WS.Platform changelog

Version 5.0.0:

    • Added focus on first mandatory control
    • Added export of SYS03 table, when exporting a backup
    • Added checking when creating an application, related to the biggest value of DESCR_ID
    • Fixed problem with a report grid, when it is created starting from an already existing window
    • Fixed problem when creating code selectors linked to server side js business components where the same fields have been added, removed, re-added
    • Fixed permission administrator role
    • Fixed problem with server side js method saveGridExportInCSV, when headers contain a space
    • Fixed problem when creating a server-side js action when the variable userInfo contains an apex in a String
    • Added rendering events management on modal windows composed of forms and editable panes
    • Fixed icon filter on columns grids
    • Added rendering events management on modal windows composed of trees
    • Added wizard to forms, grids and filter panels, to create actions used to apply filtering conditions on a selector, starting from values coming from other components
    • Fixed problem when reading a block of data in paging combos
    • Fixed problem when saving data on grid with mandatory and not editable columns
    • Fixed problem with Google SSO
    • Fixed problem when passing a JSON object through a ws, having numeric attributes set to null
    • Fixed problem with viewing the checkbox used to hide columns in grid
    • Fixed problem when calling utils.getColumnsInTable with SQLServer
    • Added session info saving when a cluster is enabled, in case of server-side js actions or session variables
    • Fixed problem when saving/retreving user images, in case of file management based on GCS
    • Fixed problem when pressing backspace key on an application or Web Designer
    • Fixed problem when importing an actication key having multiple IPs
    • Fixed problem when adding translations for a b.c. ROL on grids/forms/filters, when adding fields
    • Added before load data event on chart panel
    • Fixed problem on opening the window for preview definition
    • Fixed problem with grids/forms containing data with ? and b.c. where variables are replaced
    • Added support for auto load data when opening the Form pane
    • Updared value for a version field, in the utils.updateObject method
    • Fixed markers delete on maps
    • Added event ‘before creating grid’
    • Added wizard panel to pilot panes to show in alternative
    • Added an editable panel not linked to a writable object
    • Added error message reading for js invocations of getWebContent, in case of HTTP error codes >= 400
    • Added checkbox in filter panel definition, used to add dinamically filter controls in the filter panel
    • Added autofilling for depending fields, when selecting an item from a remote combo box
    • Added 3-state management of checkboxes when enabling ins/upd/del operations in roles per pane
    • Added chance to add virtual columns to grids, without passing through the data model
    • Added wizard to load an image panel when loading a detail form
    • Added wizard to load an image panel when selecting a row in grid
    • Added user favourites feature, in case of bluewhite theme and leftmenu
    • Added method to invoke server side actions in a synchronous way and with an independent transaction
    • Added parameter to customize the suffix for icon names for favourite menu
    • Added virtual fields reading in grid/form, in case of server-side js component
    • Added support fo NVARCHAR2 for Oracle database
    • Added method setDecodeField to server-side js b.c., to decode attributes to fields in paginated queries
    • Added server-side js method sendSmsMessage to send SMS messages
    • Improved email reading process, in order to extract attachments included as inline text of the message body
    • Imprived alewrt messages reading, using asynchronous requests
    • Added support for background images in detail forms for mobile apps
    • Set position for new virtual field as the last of the list
    • Speeded up the use of SqlTool for Oracle database
    • Support for the field selection coming from an object in relation with the main object for a preview panel
    • Added support for password input controls in detail panels
    • Added server-side js method to read a sheet of an xls file
    • Fixed problem on changing menu type and them in app detail
    • Added variable to define a date+time defined on the server side
    • Added support for text messages in Base64 format
    • Added web service for uploading a file and then executing a serverside js action
    • Added support for the PATCH method in server-side js actions
    • Added HTTP POST method in the authentication web service
    • Added HTML content support for confirm messages
    • Fixed problem with setting of a GPS position in map and remove optionally the default position
    • Added wizard to load a map from a grid or detail form
    • Improved values decoding form the internal state, if they contain special symbols
    • Added support for HEAD request, when showing a document stored in session
    • Passed forward values coming from every row read from csv/xls in case of data import to grid, with an event Before importing row
    • Added check for creation of menu’ function for manual business component
    • Added csss class on windows
    • Added methods for convert the date in sql.Date o sql.Timestamp on js serve-side
    • Changed metadata import process, to avoid the updating of directories if already defined
    • Added a server-side js action to execute at the end of a synchronization process
    • Added link to chart gallery
    • Added flag for bottom toolbar
    • Added new function of broadcastCommunity Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
    • Fixed problem when opening the file upload window in a grid connected to Alfresco
    • Removed dynamically menu items not valid for mobile apps or for web apps

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