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Ott 14

Released version 5.1.0 of 4WS.Platform

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Ott 14

4WS.Platform changelog

Version 5.1.0

Community Edition

  • Fixed automatic setting of sequences in SYS03 after an import
  • Fixed problem with permissions on form controls and roles management with defaults in columns/controls
  • Fixed problem when decoding variables in SQL having similar names
  • Fixed visualization of param values
  • Fixed export grid data on xlsx file
  • Fixed update of subpanel height
  • Fixed load relation on business component update
  • Fixed last_update field type in mysql
  • Fixed verify of password history
  • Fixed problem when exporting zip file for metadata/context, in case the tmp dir on the server does not exist
  • Fixed problem on retrieving the right order of the sub-folders/panels of a Form
  • Fixed problem with the subpanel height in a detail form
  • Fixed column header rendering, in case of a column having an header on a multiline and a sorting condition active
  • Fixed problem when deleting a lookup window
  • Fixed problem with the definition of a container in a window (tab, generic pane…). Limited the choice of allowed chars when defining the title
  • Fixed problem on filter panes rendering having multisel lookps, when the lookup grid is opened
  • Fixed redirect after change password on Web Designer
  • Fixed problem when updating a b.c. when a relation is removed and also virtual fields of not any more objects must be removed too
  • Fixed problem when importing csv in grid: in case of fields number in the csv larger than the number of fields used
  • Corrected problem when changing menu type to somethin different from popup menu on the left
  • Corrected problem when creating a new table having a nullable pk
  • Fixed problem when updating grids working with a table related to another one having the same field name
  • Changed saving files in Alfresco policty: now it is allowed to save file having a space in their name
  • Added variables sostituction on chart business component
    Completed cluster installation
  • Added flag for showing lookup windows
  • Increased destinations field dimension in logs table
  • Added application_id in dictionary
  • Added payment via Paypal when requesting a mobile app
  • Fixed layout when importing a file from a grid
  • Improved web apps rendering, when resizing the browser
  • Added confirm dialog before deleting context files in zip file
  • Added hints to drive the user in the process of configuring his first functionality
  • Supported – character in uploaded Alfresco file
  • Improved use of variables within a b.c. for details: now a var can be expressed as :FIELD and not only as :TABLE.FIELD
  • Fixed definition of menu items for grids created from a free business component
  • Fixed broadcast message visualization
  • Fixed viewing of button abilitation in roles
  • Created new function for viewing server log
  • Added applications order on index page
  • Added remove function for custom variables
  • Added the ability to have more objects with the same name for different data store
  • Modified functions of translations management, custom or not
  • Added deprecated flag for windows
  • Added param for grid in edit with double click
  • Added param for a custom index page
  • Added main datastore params in additional datastore
  • Added remove of all queue
  • Added tooltip for params id
  • Added parameter for default value of login controls

Enterprise Edition

  • Fixed translations loading, which didn’t work correctly when loading blocks of data
  • Fixed problem on retrieving activation key, in case of PostgreSQL database
  • Fixed records locking problem, when inserting new b.c. for a mobile app on SqlServer
  • Added WYSIWYG editor for detail forms
  • Added checking which makes a chat/gallery panel unique per window, in case of mobile apps
  • Added support for ReplyTo field when reading email messages
  • Added support for ALT+space in the wizard for creating mobile tables, used to automatically define a query with all the fields of the selected table
  • Added additional data to the enqueud processes list
  • Added additional data to the scheduled processes list
  • Fixed numeric conversion problem for charts which require a text value for the X axis
  • Fixed problem on automatic creation of lookups when creating objects having relations, in case of mobile apps
  • Added support for autologin with credentials passed on the request header

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