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Nov 25

Released version 5.1.1 of 4WS.Platform

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Nov 25

4WS.Platform changelog

Version 5.1.1

Community Edition

  •  Fixed problem with virtual fields defined on grids/forms/filters, when updating objects or business components
  • Fixed problem when executing SQL queries with aggregate functions, on SqlTool
  • Added checking when deleting a panel: now also references to it will be removed in case it is a subpanel of another panel
  • Fixed problem on showing the active relations in a b.c., when the join clause contains variables
  • Removed slash characters in keys used on tranlations, since they didn’t allow the correct translation on the server side
  • Removed circular FK on PRM04_FUNCTIONS
  • Fixed problem with GET_VALUE function on import data from grid, when the WHERE clause does not contain variables
  • Fixed problem when invoking CloudConvert service, caused by a change in the SSL certificato for such a service
  • Fixed problem with panel roles reading
  • Fixed problem on creation of panes in existing windows, without specifying the title
  • Fixed problem with date format, when exporting in XLS columns set as date without time
  • Fixed problem with quick filter in grid, when pressing the ESCAPE button
  • Added filling of POSITION field in CON27, in case of a free query on grid
  • Fixed problem when exporting data from grids not configured graphically (e.g. Users)
  • Fixed problem when exporting data from grids having virtual columns
  • Fixed problem when copying a panel (id panel in actions and translations for labels/columns)
  • Fixed problem with grid profiles in case of column sortings for columns which have been changed in some metadata
  • Added support for 3 themes for the cloud environment and the color palette
  • Added menu item named New Functionality, to guide newbies on creating windows
  • Added events before and after import from grid
  • Personalize template mail for forgot password
  • New events for chart panel
  • Added auto-completition for table name in SQLTool

Enterprise Edition

  • New function for create preview image from pdf file
  • New function to create a scale image form jpg or png file
  • Added online chart and report for mobile

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