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Giu 20

Released version 5.2.2 of 4WS.Platform

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Giu 20

4WS.Platform changelog

Version 5.2.2

Description Change type Edition
Added button in server-side js action definition, in order to execute it (without arguments) IMPROVEMENT Community
Added chance to filter actions combobox per description, in Web Designer IMPROVEMENT Community
Added routine filter on application logs NEWIMPL Community
Reduced the amount of ws requrests, by minimizing the number of sessions needed IMPROVEMENT Community
Fixed problem on changing the app theme, when saving the app detail BUGFIX Community
Improved the selection of selectors and directories in the controls definition NEWIMPL Community
Fixed problem when defining business components, before saving it, when thr user changes from a js/SQL type component to the automatic one BUGFIX Community
Fix problem when setting the first tab, in case of panes hidden through permissions BUGFIX Community
Fixed menu’ closed on mouse out BUGFIX Community
Fix problem when updating menu items, in applications working with multiple COMPANY_IDs BUGFIX Community
Added button in Server Log feature, in order to monitor HTTP requests on all log files IMPROVEMENT Community
Added toolbar on functions grid of menu’ items IMPROVEMENT Community
Fixed problem when creating users using the Google Domain synchronization BUGFIX Community
Added db operation logs for diagnostics NEWIMPL Community
Fixed problem on counting records for a list of data, in case of queries having the distinct clause and an alias on the select clause BUGFIX Community
Extended description field dimension of dictionary table NEWIMPL Community
Added before export event for grid panels NEWIMPL Community
Added audit definitions for objects NEWIMPL Community
Fixed last column on lookup grid BUGFIX Community
Added support for Unicode charset when sending emails BUGFIX Community
Added support to Google Datastore to SqlTool (read only) IMPROVEMENT Community
Fixed generation of translations for the legend of a Chart series, when new fields are added to the object linked to the series BUGFIX Enterprise
Added window events for Mobile app NEWIMPL Enterprise
Added empty message on list panels for Mobile app NEWIMPL Enterprise
Added button id column in the panel buttons definition window IMPROVEMENT Community
Added server-side js method to create an xls file IMPROVEMENT Community
Fixed methods of send email with template BUGFIX Community
Fixed export grid BUGFIX Community
Fixed undo in filter panels BUGFIX Community
Fixed default value selection of controls in filter panels BUGFIX Community
Added the support for Google Cloud Storage to the ws related to the files download in Image Gallery IMPROVEMENT Community
Increased length of process name NEWIMPL Community
Added enforcement of the filter panel when reload the grid NEWIMPL Community
Fixed data export in xls and csv BUGFIX Community
Fixed problem when starting the server-side js debugger BUGFIX Community
Added support for input parameters in chart panels on mobile apps IMPROVEMENT Community
Fixed problem in b.c. creation, if no one selects the object IMPROVEMENT Community
Optimize reading, writing and erasing files and folders IMPROVE Community
Fixed and improved the checking of panels to delete, when referred by other panels/windows IMPROVEMENT Community
Added support for plain text and xml reading in web services defined as server-side js actions IMPROVEMENT Community
Fixed 4WS.Platfom import of mobile app BUGFIX Enterprise
Added panels for hBox and vBox layout NEWIMPL Community
Added asynchronous import of files on grid panels NEWIMPL Community
Added directories filter on file manager NEWIMPL Community
Added process creation for backup, to FTP or to directory, of directories NEWIMPL Community
Added server-side javascript methods to set the connection properties needed to connect to the Google Cloud NEWIMPL Enterprise
Added server-side javascript method to convert strings defined in the input vo to dates/numbers NEWIMPL Community
Added icon and color line properties of tab of tab panels NEWIMPL Community
Added fourth time of theme, like BlueWhite, but with a tree menu CHANGE Community
In case of a request related to an image not found, an empty image is sent back IMPROVEMENT Community
Fixed scaleImage for Google Cloud Storage BUGFIX Enterprise
Added base action for business components of js server type NEWIMPL Community
Added selection image event for preview image panel of mobile NEWIMPL Enterprise
Added global parameter to auto-create folders for company and site, in case of file upload for GCS IMPROVEMENT Enterprise
Recreated Google Datastore integration, due to the change in the Google API NEWIMPL Enterprise
Added like filter for text fields on Google Datastore NEWIMPL Enterprise
Added history of sql instructions executed in SQL Tool NEWIMPL Community
Fixed visualization of SQL Shell on SQL Tool BUGFIX Community
Added class for every panels for theme definition NEWIMPL Community
Added export of device sync files NEWIMPL Enterprise
Added management of a server-side js action, to replace the username after an authentication based on LDAP NEWIMPL Community
Added toolbar personalization for grids and details NEWIMPL Community
Fixed change time issue oin March BUGFIX Community
Fix problem when checking only a few checks and not the ones previously checked in the Panel Roles functionality BUGFIX Community
Fixed problem when filtering/sorting the two grids in the Rules per role functionality BUGFIX Community
Fixed data alignment process in update/delete from mobile to central table IMPROVEMENT Enterprise
Fixed data import from grid process BUGFIX Community
Added viewing of the mobile repository and directories for the ADMIN user in the File Manager IMPROVEMENT Community
Fixed problems with remote comboboxes which were erroneously editable in the Web Designer BUGFIX Enterprise
Fixed problem when synchronizing mobile devices and data is shared among different users BUGFIX Enterprise
Added param for grids filter when user press enter on text fields in the filter panel NEWIMPL Community

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