Gen 15

Video Tutotrial 4WS.Platform

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A set of videos have been added to the “Take a Tour” section of the web site. Have a glance at them to know how to use 4WS.Platform!

Gen 15

4WS.Platform changelog 2.0.3

by Lorenzo Luccon, Released version, No Comments

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4WS.Platform changelog Version 2.0.3: Correct setting of default values ​​in a panel detail Removed ‘AS’ for Oracle tables Added possibility to hide the status bar Added global variables for DOW, DAY and MONTH Bugfixing call of interpretertranslations to prevent browser response caching Bugfix render of filter panels, before this change properties defined at the level […]

Dic 18

4WS.Platform changelog 2.0.2

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4WS.Platform changelog (build 20131210_110645)  Version 2.0.2: Fixed creation of menu type URL and menu type SHELL when spaces was used in description Fix on login dialog, when the credentials are wrong Improvement on tree panes: now checkboxes are showed optionally for each node Improvement: added tree lookup Added application parameters to show/hide SITE_ID/ROLE_ID columns on […]