Ott 31

Tempur and digitalizing the Sales Ceremony


by Mauro Carniel, Blog, No Comments

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Tempur: an american company with branches in more than 80 countries, including Italy. It represents an example of the Made In Italy brand. An example of an organization who pays attention to inefficiencies in the processes considered obsolete today and who had the intuition and courage of changing and evolving. This makes the difference in […]

Set 12

Released version 5.2.3 of 4WS.Platform

by Lorenzo Luccon, Blog, No Comments

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4WS.Platform changelog Version 5.2.3 Description Change type Edition Fixed problem when opening multiple windows for the definition of the tree levels BUGFIX Community Skipped datastores updating, when importing metadata IMPROVEMENT Community Fixed problem when downloading/previewing files with apostrophe BUGFIX Community Added js function which can be invoked by client-side js actions, used to show a […]

Giu 20

Released version 5.2.2 of 4WS.Platform

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4WS.Platform changelog Version 5.2.2 Description Change type Edition Added button in server-side js action definition, in order to execute it (without arguments) IMPROVEMENT Community Added chance to filter actions combobox per description, in Web Designer IMPROVEMENT Community Added routine filter on application logs NEWIMPL Community Reduced the amount of ws requrests, by minimizing the number […]