Feb 22

Rapid development applied to Alfresco document management system

by Mauro Carniel, Blog, No Comments

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An organization often has to manage a large number of documents, such as bills, transport documents, technical documentation, production orders and so forth. This large amount of documents would require a lower storage space and would be more easily retrieved if they were digitalized. For instance, bills coming from vendors could be scanned and converted […]

Gen 14

Released version 4.0.1 of 4WS.Platform

by Lorenzo Luccon, Blog, No Comments

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4WS.Platform changelog Version 4.0.1: Community Edition Fixed problem when changing language in the menu definition Fixed objects alignment Fixed filter on custom translations Fixed scroll on menu’ search Fixed rows height on locking grid view Fixed number format on grids export Fixed problem when reloading a detail window related to a b.c. just created Changed […]

Dic 9

Released version 4.0.0 of 4WS.Platform

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4WS.Platform changelog Version 4.0.0: Community Edition Added Chart panel Added permissions in visibility at folder level and panes not located at the center Enabled options for lookup grids Extended bind variables analisys in business component for tree panels Added optional export in xlsx using HSSF library Enterprise Edition Added process queue management, starting from a […]