Apr 7

4WS.Platform & Activiti BPM

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Introduction BPMN or Business Process Model and Notation is a standard used to describe internal processes of an organization and to provide a graphical representation for a shared procedure, managed by the involved employees and services, in order to optimize the efficency of the procedure. A Business Process Model can be applied to cover a […]

Mar 3

Released version 4.0.2 of 4WS.Platform

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4WS.Platform changelog Version 4.0.2: Community Edition Fixed virtual fields delate on business component edit Fixed click event on button columns Fixed events manage on lookup grids Added the generation of a change value event on clearable combobox Fixed problem with permissions on columns, in case of permissions admin user Fixed login page for themes Fixed […]

Feb 22

Rapid development applied to Alfresco document management system

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An organization often has to manage a large number of documents, such as bills, transport documents, technical documentation, production orders and so forth. This large amount of documents would require a lower storage space and would be more easily retrieved if they were digitalized. For instance, bills coming from vendors could be scanned and converted […]