How to import java classes in server-side javascript

If you have developed your own java classes and want to refer them from a server-side javascript action or if you have a third party jar library you want to refer from javascript, you can do it:

  • first, import the .jar file containing your classes (or the third party library) in WEB-INF/lib of your Platform web application
  • alternatively, prepare a .zip file containing the same structure: WEB-INF/lib/yourlibrary.jar  and that .zip file in the sub-context using Import/Export Application 
  • restart the service related to the web application, in order to make it available to Platform
  • within your server-side js action, write this scriptlet:

// e.g. importClass(;

  •  finally, you can instance such a class, using its constructor, as long as you refer the class with the whole namespace:
var myInstance = new yournamespace.YourClassName();