Grid: Configuring grid exports

The grid export task can be customized using the application parameter named “grid export sorting”.

The parameter value should contain a list of export formats separated by the | symbol.

These export formats will be the only ones showed and in the specified order.

Allowed values are:
  • [‘XLS’,”Excel”]
  • [‘Extended XLS’,”Extended Excel”]
  • [‘CSV (;)’,”CSV (;)”]
  • [‘CSV (,)’,”CSV (,)”]
  • [‘HTML’,”HTML”]
  • [‘PDF’,”PDF”]
  • [‘RTF’,”RTF”]
  • [‘XML (small format)’,”XML (small format)”]
  • [‘XML (large format)’,”XML (large format)”]
For example, if the application parameter is set to “Extended XLS|XLS”, then the only allowed export formats will be Extended Excel and Excel and showed in the combo box in that order:
  • “Excel Extended” 
  • “Excel”
If the application parameter is not set, then the default order is the one reported in the list above.
Pay attention to the “Available in the client” checkbox for that parameter: it must be checked: only in that case the parameter will be available on the front-end. Moreover, in order to make it working, the user has to logon again in the application.