Parameters: Predefined variables supported by Platform

There is a series of predefined variables automatically set by Platform after the logon of the user and that can be accessed by any client side javascript action:
  • username
  • languageId
  • applicationId
  • siteId
  • companyId


Similar variables are supported on the server-side, within SQL business components and they can be referred using the : symbol before them and they are always expressed as upper case variables:
  • USERNAME – username of the logged user
  • :LANGUAGE_ID – the current language, binded to the logged user
  • :APPLICATION_ID – the current application identifier
  • :TODAY – a date without time
  • :NOW – a date+time
  • :COMPANY_ID_AS_NUM (to use only in case the COMPANY_ID is a number, it is automatically converted in a number)
  • :SITE_ID
  • :YEAR
  • :MONTH
  • :DAY – day of the month
  • :DOW – day of week