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Mar 6

Released version 5.2.1 of 4WS.Platform

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Mar 6

4WS.Platform changelog

Version 5.2.1

Community Edition

  • Fixed problem when sending notification email from a scheduled process
  • Fixed problem in the custom translations window, when clicking on the static combox node
  • Fixed problem with dynamic combo boxes depending with each other, in case a filter is applied on the second and it is empty
  • Fixed problem when applying a filter on translations on Custom Translations
  • Fixed problem on saving datastore when re-defyning a field having counter type in an object definition
  • Fixed problem with updating description in menu items for mobile apps
  • Fixed problem on rendering a quick filter in grid which should show a dynamic combo, when combined with a numeric column
  • Fixed problem when uploading files: now it is allowed to upload one file at a time
  • Fixed problem when setting a value in dynamic combos contained in form panels, when they are opened in EDIT mode
  • Added opt. param. to set the Google Map Key, needed in case of web apps not belonging to a specific domain
  • Added optional button in topbar to take a screenshot of the web page, to get diagnostic info
  • Added page of 4WS.Platform change log
  • Added configuration theme of web application of mobile app
  • Added * in labels of mandatory controls of form
  • Added fields selection for datetime and user of logical delete
  • Added in translations management the menu items
  • Added event for the customization of chart data store
  • Added variable for dimension of upload file
  • Added rapid filters on application params
  • Added delay for validation of dynamic combobox

Enterprise Edition

  • Fixed field length for FUNCTION_ID, in case of not graphical functionalities
  • Fixed problem with reading decimal fields for formula columns, when importing an xls in grid
  • Fixed problem on dispatching data files per mobile device
  • Fixed problem when starting a scheduler js action which uses SQL having predefined variables
  • Fixed problem when importing mobile metadata, in case of an .export file modified manually on a Windows o.s.
  • Fixed problem with unicode characters when synchronizing mobile data
  • Fixed problems when deleting fields on a datastore objcect and creation of b.c. for datastore
  • Added logging on the server side of network errors on the mobile side
  • Added checkbox group component in filter panel, in order to apply multiple filters
  • Added new events on gallery panel
  • Added functions for the upload of ipa and apk files
  • Added creation of mobile menu item for javascript action start
  • Added in the web app detail a button to create a mobile app
  • Added functions for the upload files of mobile apps
  • Added automatic update of mobile apps

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