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Set 12

Released version 5.2.3 of 4WS.Platform

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Set 12

4WS.Platform changelog

Version 5.2.3

Description Change type Edition
Fixed problem when opening multiple windows for the definition of the tree levels BUGFIX Community
Skipped datastores updating, when importing metadata IMPROVEMENT Community
Fixed problem when downloading/previewing files with apostrophe BUGFIX Community
Added js function which can be invoked by client-side js actions, used to show a modal popup to upload/download/preview files programmatically IMPROVEMENT Community
Fixed a problem in setting permissions per role, at colun/control level, when the visibility of the column/control switches from not visible to default BUGFIX Community
Blocked the menu folder selection in New Window, in case of mobile app BUGFIX Community
Fixed problem when using File Manager with the directories combo and the logged user is not ADMIN BUGFIX Community
Fixed problem when adding virtual fields to an object, without setting an alias BUGFIX Community
Fixed problem when executing queries with SqlTool, in case of select with alias BUGFIX Community
Fixed problem on opening the tables list and the objects list, in case of pre-selected datastore BUGFIX Community
Fixed problem with scheduled processed which depend on other processes: now they can be started only from the parent process BUGFIX Community
Completed panel copy function: it didn’t include the duplication of input/output parameters BUGFIX Community
Added column popup creation from the fields list of grid NEWIMPL Community
Added column/component event creation from the fields list of panel NEWIMPL Community
Added hide toolbar check on preview panels NEWIMPL Community
Fixed buttons view on action detail BUGFIX Community
Fixed problem when showing a message error when an activation key is uploaded BUGFIX Community
Fixed problem on duplicating data for another COMPANY_ID: records in table SUB03_COMPANY were not duplicated BUGFIX Community
Fixed the inserting of user parameters, in case of users having a Site Id different form the default Site Id BUGFIX Community
Fixed IN condition on query BUGFIX Community
Added context help definition for applications NEWIMPL Community
Added detail panel for new custom parameter NEWIMPL Community
Fixed rendering of a window containing multiple panels included in a generic panel, where these panels have a visible title BUGFIX Community
Added properties reloading when selecting a panel from the preview in the definition of a window IMPROVEMENT Community
Added tree panel with server-side js business component NEWIMPL Community
Fixed files upload on editable panels BUGFIX Community
Added after upload files event NEWIMPL Community
Fixed collapsible form BUGFIX Community
Added search for menu’, windows, panels, actions and business componenets in Web Designer NEWIMPL Community
Fixed dynamic combo on grids BUGFIX Community
Fixed checking of valid content, when saving the window definition BUGFIX Community
Added support for drag ‘n drop of panels from different containers, in the window definition NEWIMPL Community
Added commands in the popup menu in the window definition: now it is possible to change the type of a container panel NEWIMPL Community
Added position selection in the menu’ when create a new window NEWIMPL Community
Added preview in the window definition form NEWIMPL Community
Added check for enable/disable the summary row on grids NEWIMPL Community
Added check for enable/disable multiple selection on grids NEWIMPL Community
Added link to actions and windows on application detail NEWIMPL Community
Aligned authorization policy in user and role detail windows, for each subpanel BUGFIX Community
Added configuration of import files in panels detail NEWIMPL Community
Redefined Web Designer menu’ NEWIMPL Community
Changed the naming for a new function, by avoiding the use of the period or a digit at the beginning, when using Menu Items for adding actions, shell commands or web pages BUGFIX Community
Fixed image scale method BUGFIX Community
Added checking when importing metadata which verifies the compatibility between the metadata version and the one of the Designer IMPROVEMENT Community
Speeded up the matadata import with a feedback about the import progress on the UI IMPROVEMENT Community
Added server-side js method to unzip a file into the server file system IMPROVEMENT Community
Hidden global/application parameters not compatible with the current application settings NEWIMPL Community
Added link to translations from window detail and selector NEWIMPL Community
Improved global/app parameter windows, with different editors according to the parameter IMPROVEMENT Community

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