Commercial support

If what you need is a commercial support for the Enterprise Edition , you can contact us through this form.
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4WS.Platform is available in two editions: Community and Enterprise.
If you buy the Platform Enterprise Edition, you can access to an optional pack and get the help you need.

4WS.Platform’s technical support provides prompt, effective and high-quality support services to the users through support contracts.
By subscribing to our support services, organizations usingthe product benefit from the knowledge of 4WS.Platform’s technical experts.

Support Feature
Access to stable versions and availability of timely bug fixes
Users are ensured that they are always able to use the latest certified version and if needed, to receive bug fixes to issues reported through the incident tickets.
Bug Tracking
Allows users to report and track the evolution and resolution of any problem they may encounter through the tracking system provided by Sinesy.
Unlimited Incidents
Users can get unlimited access to technical support.
Prioritized support services
Support requests are expressed according to how urgent and serious the reported issue is.
Support availability
Monday-Friday , through Sinesy Issue Tracker (English and Italian only)
Guaranteed Response Times
Users benefit from guaranteed times to acknowledge incident tickets, according to the priority of the issue. Issues must report all information required, using an understandable English language, in order to allow the technical support to provide an effective solution.

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