Getting started

Learn how to use the main features of Platform


Web Application creation.
How to create a web application using the App Designer and see it on the Web Interpreter.

Creation of a data report
How to define a query on the fly and create a readonly grid, retrieving data from it.

How to create a master-detail window
Starting from an already existing window containing a grid, show how to create a detail window and open it from a double click on a row of the grid.

Preview panel
How to add a preview panel to show images or other documents, linked to a detail form.

Adding buttons
How to add a button on a panel toolbar and execute custom logic when pressing it.

Linking windows
How to create a link between windows and pass values from the first to the second.

How to generate a PDF report
Using iReport to define a report template, upload the .jasper file and other files (e.g. images) and generate a PDF report

Mobile: working online
How to create an online functionality.

Machine Learning
How to make predictions using Tensor Flow

Subpanel Settings
How to change the subpanel height and position.

Responsive Layout
How to create a responsive form.

JS Business Component for a form
How to create a custom business component for a form with JavaScript.

Automated Test
How to set automated tests for server-side actions.

Email Template
How to use an email template.

BPM Creation of a simple process
How to create a process that asks candidate users for a parameter to be evaluated.

BPM Service Task Web Service
How to call a web service.

BPM Start BPM process from window
How to create an editable panel that starts a BPM process.

Installation on Windows o.s.

How to create a list of data
How to create a database table, an object mapping it and default business components, a window containing a grid.

Menu definition
How to work with the application menu: creating folders, renaming menu items, setting a menu icon.

How to add a Google map
How to add a Google Map panel linked to an already existing grid, where showing a GPS location for each row.

Objects and relations
How to create relations among objects and use them to aggregate data to show on panels.

Managing Permissions
How to create users. How to define a role to limit the functionalities to enable and how to link roles to a user.

Cell events
How to listen to cell events and execute custom logic with them.

Mobile: fundamentals
Mobile apps with Platform: the basics.

Mobile: working offline with readonly data
How to create an offline functionality with readonly data coming from the central site.

Additional Queries
How to add an additional query to the main query

Accordion Layout
How to display panels with an accordion layout.

Enqueue Actions
How to create an asynchronous web service.

How to use a ‘debugger’ for server-side JavaScript Actions.

How to translate a panel.

How to invoke a Platform web service through an alias definition.

BPM Service Task SQL
How to retrieve data from SQL queries with a Service Task.

BPM Exclusive Gateway
How to use the exclusive gateway.

Installation on MacOS

How to customize a list of data
How to change default settings for a grid panel, created automatically from the New Window wizard.

How to add a filter panel
Starting from an already existing window containing a grid, show how to add a filter panel for that grid.

How to upload a file
How to upload a file for each row in a grid. After that, it is possible to download or see a preview of it.

Working with comboboxes and code selectors
How to define a selector and use it to define combo-boxes and code lookups.

Setting defaults
How to set a default value to a grid, when switching to insert mode.

How to create a Chart
How to create a Chart and fill it with data coming from a Business Component.

Mobile: creating a mobile app
How to create a mobile app.

Mobile: working offline with read/write data
How to create an offline functionality with read/write data synchronized with the central site.

Scheduled processes
How to automate the execution of a process.

Folder Layout
How to display panels along multiple folders.

JS Business Component for a grid
How to create a custom business component for a grid with JavaScript.

Log & Analysis
How to check errors thrown by actions.

How to change the color of a field in a grid column.

How to export an application and import it in a different installation of Platform.

BPM Mail task
How to send an email message with a Mail Task.

BPM Example of Workflow
An example of a BPM process with different tasks.