How to setup the development environment


Requirements related to the Community Edition are:

  • Eclipse Java EE IDE is recommended. Try 3.5 or above with Java 7 installed.
  • An SVN plugin for Eclipse is recommended.
  • You can use any kind of OS: Windows, Linux or MacOS.
  • A development database schema is also required; the supported databases are: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQLServer, PostgreSQL

Steps to follow

  • Download the project from the SVN repository.
  • Once prepared the empty database schema, all SQL script files contained in “sql” folder must be executed: execute all SQL scripts provided with the distribution, from 1_xxx.sql to 6_xxx.sql, according to the database type you are using: xxx_ora.sql for Oracle, xxx_postgre.sql for PostgreSQL, xxx_sql.sql for MS SQLServer, xxx_mysql.sql for MySQL.
  • Within Eclipse IDE create a dynamic web project, configured to use Java 1.7, with “wag” folder as the webcontent folder; add the ”src” code downloaded through SVN from the sourceforge portal. Be sure to include in the project classpath all jar files included in wag/WEB-INF/lib.
  • Change classes/META-INF/peristence.xml file, in order to connect to the development database schema defined previously.
  • Configure Tomcat A.S. within the IDE and run it, together with the web application. Use a browser to connect to the web application; typical URL is: http://localhost:8080/platform

It is recommended to use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers; Internet Explorer 8 or above are also supported, but they are not optimized for javascript usage as for the other two browsers.

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