4WS.Platform is available in two editions: Community and Enterprise.

You can freely download the Community Edition and install it on one of the certified databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer or PostreSQL. There are limits in the number of objects you can create in that edition.

The Enterprise Edition is available as a SaaS in the cloud, through the Google Cloud and it includes the access to a large amount of documentation and support.

Community Edition

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Enterprise Edition

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  • 4WS.Platform Community Edition is an open source product, based on the LGPL v2 open source licence, that allows you to use the product with open source projects as well as for commercial use. It contains a limit in the number of the objects you can create.

    The Community Edition does not include any support, except for the one provided through this web site and the forums and blogs it includes.



  • It is based on the Community Edition and it is provided as a Software As a Service on the Google Cloud Platform. In addition, it provides several extensions that require a commercial license.

  • Guaranteed availability
  • Call tracking and bug prioritization
  • Bug fixing and service packs when needed
  • Patch distribution




Definition of data models and relations

max 10 objects

Definition of business components used to fetch data

max 10 business

Definition of the application menu

Invocation of different features starting from a menu item

Definition of different types of panels

max 30 panels

Grid columns and input controls definition

Panels can be combined together in any way

max 10 windows

Custom extensions can be injected to components as well

Complex windows can be defined by combining not only interpreted components

Authorizations include a series of powerful features

Association between a user and a list of roles

At grid level, it is optionally possible to store a user profile

Multi-language support


 max 1 additional

 Database included in SaaS Configuration
Authentication module based on the LDAP protocol  

Authentication module based on the Google SSO  


BPM integration  

Docx template reporting  

Integration with the Google Apps  

Document Management  

Mobile interpreter  

No SQL Plugin for Google Datastore  

No SQL Plugin for Mongo DB  

Log & Diagnosis

Custom fields module  

Life cycle management through Jira Software  

High scalability through Platform for Google App Engine