Mobile Interpreter

Android and Apple

Mobile interpreter for Android and iOS supports the most common pane containers: carousels, tabs, navigator. grids, forms, filters, maps, image panes are supported, as for the web version.

Off line

Offline apps are supported, through SqlLite database.

That means the user can access the app and its data even when there is not an Internet connection.

Offline state does not require to get web resources and data through the Net, so the app is quicker and more responsive.


4WS.Platform includes a synchronization feature that allows to move data to and from the mobile app. The same mechanism is used to synchronize the app metadata: in this way the app behavior (GUI and business logic) can change quickly through the metadata sync process, without the need to redeploy the app in GooglePlay or AppStore.

This means that the app can be developed in a fast and easy way. App maintenance and deploy time are faster than with the traditional development model, since there is no more the deploy task involving Apple or Google stores.

Main features

  • paginated list of data with filtering/sorting support
  • detail forms
  • code selectors and dynamic combo-boxes
  • FAB buttons
  • image gallery & captions
  • Google Map
  • Google Charts
  • GPS support
  • photo/video taking/editing/storing
  • web content
  • HTML clickable areas
  • file upload/download/preview
  • barcode/QR code scanning
  • grids with nested forms (clickable grids)
  • Push notifications
  • social media support (content sharing, authentication)
  • alternative panels
  • data formatting
  • internationalization support
  • anonymous & authentication support
  • authorization support at menu item/grid/form level
  • custom windows per display size (tablet vs smartphone)
  • theme customization, in terms of colors, fonts, icons
  • Estimote eBeacons support

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