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What is it

4WS.Platform is used to quickly develop web and mobile applications

Applications can be easily created through a app designer, that can be used to graphically define the application content. The same web interface can be used to create both web and mobile applications. The configured web applications can be run through the same installation or deployed in other environments. Configured mobile apps can be installed and run in the native mobile apps provided by Platform: you have a mobile app for each configured application, each with its own app icon in your mobile device.

The skills required to develop an application are dramatically reduced, as well as the time-to-market. In most of the cases, application functionalities can be configured graphically, instead of developing the in a traditional way: all you need is the business knowledge and basic skills about the SQL language, in case you want to apply filtering conditions to the business logic. Optionally, you can inject javascript code when needed, both on the client and server side.

4WS.Platform is a multi-database, multi-user, multi-language and cross operating system solution.

The web GUI is very rich, fast and interactive, ensuring an amazing user experience, comparable with the one available with the classical desktop applications.


There is not virtually limit in what can be developed

Unlike other similar solutions, 4WS.Platform is not limited to what can be defined through its App Designer: it has been designed since the beginning to allow the inclusion of custom code that can be optionally embedded within the rest of the configured functionalities.

In order to make it easy and fast the development of the custom code, an SDK, named Warp, is included together with 4WS.Platform. It is a java based framework, used to develop 4WS.Platform and that can be used for the custom code. This choice ensures that the custom code is perfectly embedded and can work with the interpreted functionalities.

4WS.Platform has been released with an open source licence that allows you to use it both for open source projects and commercial products.

Ideal for small to mid-size companies who cannot afford the expense for a custom application developed in the traditional way: 4WS.Platform can dramatically reduce the costs involved in the development of a last generation web application.

This is particularly true for organizations who need to convert a large number of out-of-date applications using cutting edge technologies and who need to minimize the required investment.



You can use 4WS.Platform in different ways

You can decide to download and install it on your own for free, and then create by yourself the applications you need; there are limits in the number of objects you can create with the Community Edition: if you need for a support, training or you have to realize enterprise level applications without any limit, you can choose the Platform Enterprise Edition.

You can decide to use it for free and ask Sinesy to support you with training, technical support, SLA. Optionally, you can choose the Enterprise Edition and get both support and amazing enterprise level features you need in your organization; the Enterprise Edition is primarily provided as a Software as a Service, through the Google Cloud; in this way, installation, configuration and maintenance tasks are dramatically reduced, since you have no longer focus on these tasks and work on the creation of your applications.

You can decide to use it for free and ask Sinesy to create the applications you need: in this way you can get applications quickly and with a cost significantly lower than the one you would pay with a traditional development model.

At any time, you can purchase the commercial support, independently of the 4WS.Platform edition you decided to use.

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